Delaware River Water Tubing Fun

If you want a relaxing and fun summer day trip, try leaving the city and going to NJ for some water tubing fun. I signed up for this through MMA but it was another combined trip with Outdoor Bound. About 30 of us took part in this outing.

After meeting in Manhattan, our bus headed out for approx 2 hours to get us to our Water Tubing destination. After all the bathing suits were on, sunscreen applied and our tubes selected we were ready to go! We were packed into a bus with our tubes and were driven to the river drop off spot. Getting yourself onto the tube and on the water was a bit comical. There were a couple of funny wipe outs. But once on the tube it was the height of relaxation. The weather was hot enough that you were thankful to have the water underneath you and it was quite refreshing. With the company we used, you float down the river for 2 hours or so and then you come across the famous Hot Dog Man. We all stopped for a delicious BBQ lunch. They had veggie burgers for people like me who don’t eat meat, chicken sandwiches and the regular burgers and hot dogs all fresh off the grill. It was a great way to make more friends in the group and find out more about your fellow tubers. Essentially, this was the half way point so once lunch was finished you got back on the water and floated towards the final stop point. There were some fun tiny rapids that I kept trying to paddle towards whenever I could and the rest was more relaxation on the river. Afterwards, we took our bus back, changed, and were on our way back to the city. It was a delightful way to spend a hot summer day. 🙂 I have heard there is also white water tubing for a more wild adventure so I plan to try that sometime too.

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