Two Great Places – One Great Brunch Deal!

I had the pleasure of heading to Manhattan for a delicious brunch this fine Sunday. We started out at the Sunburnt Cow but it was so popular by the time we got there that there was a long wait, which lead us to Bondi Road. They are owned by the same people and both have the same fantastic brunch deal on weekends. $15 (or $20 if you choose certain selections) will get you your choice of brunch entree and unlimited drinks during your stay. The wait staff was super friendly and kept up with our drink refills throughout our dining experience.

I had the pleasure of enjoying the Great Barrier Reef Benedict entree which consisted of 2 delicious crab cakes, each topped with eggs benedict and accompanied by fries and a salad. I loved it! There were many other yummy options to choose from so I know I will be back to give them a try another time.

Both bars/restaurants have many other drink and food specials during the week too. Check them out at and (Sunburnt Cow’s site has the brunch menu in detail).

The Sunburnt Cow is located at 137 Avenue C and Bondi Road is at 153 Rivington Street. They are walking distance from each other so remember that if there is a long wait for brunch at one of them. And as a plus, they called and put our names down at Bondi Road when the Sunburnt Cow was too busy.


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