Indigo – All You Can Eat Crab Legs on Weds!!

For a delectable Wednesday night out, try heading to Indigo in Astoria for their All You Can Eat Crab Legs Dinner special. You get your choice of a soup or salad, pasta with garlic bread or french fries followed by all you can eat of delicious snow crab legs! All this is only $23.99!! I love it!

Their regular menu is also full of other tasty options and they offer brunch on weekend afternoons. Friday nights they have Karaoke and on Saturdays there is a live DJ. Indigo is located right off of the 30th Avenue N/W train stop and is open late. So there is lots of fun to be had even if you are not a seafood fan.

I have found out first hand that Indigo is an excellent location for private parties – they have a beautiful upstairs space with a small deck. My favorite place to sit though is in their indoor dining area which has a great atmosphere with a glass ceiling that can be open when the weather is nice. So check out Indigo – especially if you are like me and love all you can eat crab legs!!!

Their full menu and all other details are at their website:


2 Responses

  1. Hi Lainey,

    I’m in Astoria too and I just had a horrible experience at INDIGO that I thought I’d share with ya.

    ok…this place pretends to be a sports bar/lounge BUT LET ME TELL YOU…if you get too excited over a sporting event THEY TELL YOU TO SHUT UP…I know, I couldn’t believe it either!

    Last night, 11/13/08, biggest JETS game of the season vs. the Patriots: they had every TV with the game on, sound blasting and when the JETS scored a touchdown we cheered…obviously right?? Aren’t you supposed to cheer when your team scores, while you’re in a sports bar?? apparently not…some waiter comes up to us and basically tells us to shut up…really nasty about it too!

    Keep in mind, we live around the corner and we’re regulars here…NOT ANYMORE WE’RE NOT!!

    I think I just need to vent…lol…this place sucks!

  2. We live close by and go there often as well. did notice they have lots of TVs and playing sports, but the space is quite classy for a sports bar.

    Maybe they just wanted to make sure that the fans are not too loud for the others who dont care about sports.

    Last time we went they even gave us 3 free shots as holiday specials. I think they are very decent.

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