Football Fun at Phebe’s

This Saturday I went to help cheer on a friend’s college football team at Phebe’s Tavern & Grill (359 Bowery at East 4th Street) . The game started at 1pm so we got there in time for the brunch special. I ordered the breakfast burrito and it really hit the spot! After my brunch mimosa, I was able to enjoy $3 Miller Lite Drafts for the duration of the game.

The space was arranged nicely. The alumni group was set up in a sectioned off area with a perfect view of the TV and lots of seating for everyone. Meanwhile, there was plenty of room at the main bar and surrounding front tables for everyone else who was there to enjoy the other sports events being played, order brunch, etc..

In general, Phebe’s is great place to watch your favorite sporting events. They have the expected bar food options, lots of TVs in different spots so you can always keep your eye on the game, and plenty of drink offerings. If you still follow your college team it is likely you can find their games on one of the big screens here.

Check out their website at for all the details on their happy hour in addition to the daily drink and food specials.

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