Are You Brave Enough to Ride the Bull?

If you want to try your hand at being an urban cowboy/cowgirl than head to Johnny Utah’s. I went last night and it was so much fun! Enjoy a wide range of beverages and southwestern cuisine while the music and atmosphere help you forget that you are in the heart of NYC. While you are at your table or even just mingling in the bar area it is impossible to miss the main attraction – the mechanical bull! Before anyone had tried their bull riding skills the bull would occasionally roar into action demonstrating some crazy moves that would throw even the toughest rider off with ease. I definitely needed some liquid courage before I was ready to sign up and ride.

Essentially, anyone who wants to ride the bull must sign up by presenting a driver’s license and signing a waiver. Then once you get your stamp you can go up to the bull pen whenever you are brave enough. This is helpful if you need to muster up some courage before you are ready. My advice is to be brave early on because as the night goes on the bull is increasingly less patient with newcomers. I waited a bit and felt like my ride was a bit more challenging than some of those who started the night off. However, I had so much fun and so did everyone in the group I was with. You can even go as many times as you can gather the strength to do it. I plan to go back again for sure!

The nightly running of the bull at Johnny Utah’s starts at 7:30pm. Then on Monday’s they have a bull riding challenge that goes from 10pm – 2am where industry professionals show what they are made of and battle to be called the best of the night! I have heard that lots of bachelorette parties are in attendance on weekends so be prepared. When I went on a Tuesday there were lots of after work folks and it was a pretty good crowd. We didn’t have a long wait for the bull but I’d imagine that might be different on weekends.

If you need an extra boost of confidence MMA offers a singles bull riding event at Johnny Utah’s on their site. That way you have a group of people to mingle with and then to cheer you on when you get up on the bull. So definitely check it out on their site if you are interested.

Johnny Utah’s is at 25 West 51st Street – right next to Rockefeller Plaza. Check out all the details and some video footage at their website:


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