Lychee Martinis Galore!

In times like these it is always great to find a fantastic happy hour spot in the city. Well, Verlaine is such a place. Verlaine has happy hour daily (even on weekends!!) from 6-10pm. Their popular happy hour special includes $5 Bloody Marys, Sangria and the favorite Lychee Martini. Beer, wine and well drinks are also half price during happy hour. I recommend you get there as early as you can because it can get crowded as the night wears on.

There is a lounge area for larger groups to gather and then a bar and table section as well. The times I have gone the DJ always gets it right with good tunes and the ambient atmosphere is enjoyable. I am always amazed at how fast they serve their martinis because they are so delicious and affordable that everyone keeps coming back for more. When the crowd is at its fullest you feel like you are in a sea of lychees because they are everywhere. I tried this specialty cocktail for the first time and it was worth all the hype. You can see a half finished one in the picture above. It was delicious! Verlaine also has a menu of South Asian Tapas to savor while enjoying your beverages. I have tried the Portabella Mushroom Fried Dumplings which were quite tasty. So if you are looking for a happy hour spot that stands out among the rest definitely head to Verlaine.

Verlaine is located at 110 Rivington St. (Between Ludlow and Essex).


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