Learn How to Mix it Up

This past Wednesday, I decided to see what things looked like on the other side of the bar stool. I signed up for an Intro to Bar Tending class through MMA. We were to get an hour long learning session and then have an hour of open bar mingling afterwards.

The class was held at The Village Pourhouse and it was quite evident that our bar tender knew his stuff. We began by going over where to find everything behind the bar and then it was time to learn how to pour a perfect pint! As a huge fan of beer, I eagerly volunteered to try my hand at this part of the lesson. I was a little nervous since I was up in front of a crowd, however it was a lot of fun to actually be on the pouring side of the tap!

Next up, we learned how to mix well drinks, followed by martinis. We finished off our lesson with some fun (and tasty) shots. For each segment, different class members got a chance to come up and prepare drinks which were then passed on to the classmates who had ordered them. Needless to say, we had a chance to sample many of the beverages we were learning to make and it was great that everyone got their turn to participate. Afterwards, we all got to enjoy an open bar where our only responsibility was to relax and enjoy.

Since this was an intro course, I would still need to study a bit more before I would feel completely comfortable behind the bar but I definitely feel like I learned a lot. It was a really fun learning experience and I enjoyed it so much that I might sign up for another class in the near future.

You can find out more about the Village Pourhouse at http://www.pourhousenyc.com/.

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  1. Pourhouse always has great events

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