Snow Tubing at Mountain Creek!

Since I already know I love skiing and being out in the snow, I signed up for an evening snow tubing trip this past Saturday through MMA. This would be something new and different for me and it also sounded like a lot of fun!

This was an evening trip, so our bus left the city at 4:30pm. Our group of 30 people arrived at the snow tubing site approximately 2 hours later. Our destination was Mountain Creek Resort in NJ. It was exciting to see the ski slopes lit up all over the mountain, but I had to remind myself that we were there for snow tubing not skiing.

Snow tubing a great way to remember the joy of being a kid and sledding down a hill – only it has a little more intensity. The snow tubing area consisted of three straight downhill tracks. You grab a tube, walk over to your track of choice, and then there is a person at the top who uses the rope attached to your tube to help launch you down the hill. After you make it down to the bottom of the hill, you drag your tube with you to the standing lift that takes you back to the top. I tried walking up the hill once instead of waiting for the lift and that proved to be more difficult than I thought. It was quite slippery and since it was so steep I found it to be too frustrating to keep doing during our scheduled tubing time.

I didn’t sit as aerodynamically as I could have on my first try so I didn’t get as far down the track as I would have liked. It was on my way back up that I saw that some people were spinning on their way down the hill. So the next time down I asked to try that. And it was then that I found my favorite way to snow tube! The thrill of spinning so fast on the way downhill was perfect for me. I continued to go spinning down the tracks for the rest of the evening. It was so much fun!

Our group was scheduled for only an hour of tubing. With the super cold weather and the energy involved, that ended up being the perfect amount of time. My only frustration was that I couldn’t get out there and ski too! But that will have to be for another day and time. The ski resort looked nice though so I might return to try skiing down their slopes sometime in the future. All the details on Mountain Creek can be found at their website:

Snow tubing is a great way to let out your inner child. Definitely give it a try if you want to have some fun in the snow but seek a little more of an adrenaline rush than the average hill can provide. MMA has some future outings for snow tubing so you can sign up for those at

Just because it is cold out doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and have lots of fun!

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