A Great Deal of Fun!

Times are hard out there but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go out and have fun without spending too much. Common Ground, located at 206 Avenue A (bet. 12th St. & 13th St.), is the perfect place to unwind with friends in this economy. Their Happy Hour specials are fantastic! On weekdays from 4pm-8pm, they offer $2 pints of Yuengling and Miller Lite, as well as $5 Cosmos and Apple Martinis. Not only that, but all of their appetizers are buy one get one free during Happy Hour!

I went to Common Ground with my happy hour group last night and had a blast! In addition to the bar and some table seating, there are areas for larger groups to sit and mingle. What adds to the experience are the many board games available for anyone to play. How fun is that?! We ended up having some exciting rounds of Jenga and some of us divided into teams to play some of the board games such as Sorry! and Trivial Pursuit. There were many other games available so I would love to go back to enjoy them on another night. Between the $2 beers and the entertaining games, we were all very happy with our evening.

One should not go to Common Ground without enjoying some of their food offerings either. The buy one, get one happy hour deal on appetizers is not to be missed! Their menu was designed by Executive Chef Carolynn Spence so there a lot of delicious options to chose from. I tried the “famous shrimp dip” and cheddar Panini and it was quite tasty!

Weekdays are not the only times you can get a deal. Common Ground also has weekend specials from 12pm to 7pm where you can order $3 Drafts, $4 Well Drinks, and $4 Bloody Marys. So definitely bring some friends and get your game on!

Check out all the details on Common Ground at www.commongroundnyc.com.


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