Feel the Beat!

I recently had one of those fun NYC nights where an expected quiet evening takes on a life of its own. I was at a local spot relaxing after a long day and a group conversation started up with a few people sitting at the bar. It turns out that two of the girls were waiting for their friend to arrive before they headed to a nearby dance studio for beginner Salsa lessons. They asked a couple of us to join them and before I knew it, I was on the dance floor ready to learn some Salsa.

Apparently this studio has an introductory lesson package available where you pay $20 for 2 half hour lessons. If you would like to sign up for instruction after the first lesson the rest of the amount is put towards your class package. Otherwise, you have 2 separate dance sessions.

What looked simple when the dance instructors demonstrated steps for our group, was a lot more complex when we tried to imitate their movements. During the two dance classes I took, I learned that I had quite a bit to work on before I would look effortless dancing the Salsa. However, I also discovered how much fun it is to seriously learn the technique and begin to really know what you are doing. Although I cannot afford or commit to a series of classes at this time, I definitely plan to keep learning. The studio owner will be setting up Saturday group sessions this summer and the studio will also hold Salsa events at local hot spots. That way you can keep learning and having fun as often as your schedule and finances permit.

The Martinez Dance Studio I went to is located in Astoria on 31st Street closest to the 30th Avenue subway stop. If you are interested in learning to dance, they are a great place to start! www.martinezdancestudios.com


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