Sign Up for Some Summer Fun!

Things have been a bit crazy for me, so I haven’t been able to plan my activity schedule as I had hoped to.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of things to get out there to do now that the weather is warming up.

Something I plan to sign up for this summer is a day of white water rafting.  You can read about my experience white water rafting last summer with MMA here.

There are also some wine tasting day trips to the North Fork of Long Island coming up.  I have gone with two different companies and each was a very fun experience.  You can read about my last wine tasting trip with ZogSports here.

Both MMA and ZogSports have upcoming wine tasting and white water rafting trips scheduled.  Head to their websites to see if there is one you would like to sign up for.  It will definitely be a fun time!

A Pizza Slice I Couldn’t Say No To

Vodka Sauce Pizza!

Vodka Sauce Pizza!

After all that I learned on Scott’s Pizza Tour and the afternoon of pizza tasting that was part of that experience, I have definitely been on high alert for great pizza ever since.  Of course there is no shortage of options here in NYC! In fact, on one of the first corners we walked past during the tour, I noticed a sign that intrigued me so much that I had to research it further.  The sign was for vodka sauce pizza!  I LOVE vodka sauce and indulge in a serving of pasta with vodka sauce more often than I should ever admit.  So when I discovered that this particular pizza joint served a vodka sauce pizza by the slice, I had to go try it. 

Pomodoro Restaurant & Pizzeria, located at 51 Spring Street, is where you can order yourself a slice or an entire pie of their house special – vodka sauce pizza.  When I arrived, eager to try it for myself, I was a bit worried that it was not available when I looked at what they had ready to serve.  But low and behold there was a lone slice left, waiting for me!  Even though it was not a slice from a pie that just came out of the oven, it was still incredible.  The fresh mozzarella paired with a tomato-filled vodka sauce held together by a thin doughy crust was as delicious as I had anticipated.  I can’t wait to come again when it is directly out of the oventummy and when I have room in my tummy for more than one slice. 

Located in Little Italy, this is a great spot to grab a quick slice of pizza if you do not have the time to sit through a served meal.  However, there is table service available if that is what you would prefer.  If you love pizza and vodka sauce like I do, I highly recommend trying their slice that combines the two.  Yum!