Not Just For Tourists!


This past weekend, I had family visiting from out of town.  When people visit, it is a chance to get out and enjoy the city by breaking away from the everyday routine.  Especially in times when money might be a little tighter, it is always great to be able to have adventures right in your own backyard! 

Even though I have lived here in NY for many years now, I still always love a trip to Brooklyn Promenade Park.  Here is my recommended route to get there: Take the 2 or 3 Train to the Clark Street stop, walk all the way down Clark St. towards the water and it is always a breathtaking, scenic view of Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge once you get to the end.  Turn right and keep walking  along and past the promenade till you get to Old Fulton Street. 

Once you reach Old Fulton Street, you will have no trouble finding Grimaldi’s Pizzeriaas there is always a line of people patiently waiting outside.   I have heard it said from people passing by that they would never bother to wait in line for pizza, but personally I am happy to wait every time I go to Grimaldi’s because the pizza is definitely worth it.  It is my favorite in the area, although I love many of the pizza offerings throughout NYC.  When you are finally seated inside it will not be long until a mouthwatering pizza is in front of you ready to be devoured.   

After you have enjoyed your fill of pizza, walk over to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory right near the waterfront for a tasty dessert.  Even if there is a line for ice cream, it usually goes pretty fast.  While you are enjoying your frozen treats, you can take in the majestic views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. 

If you have the energy after indulging in all that delicious food, I highly recommend walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to get back to Manhattan if that is where you are returning to.  Day or night, it is an exhilarating walk and something every New Yorker should do at least once if they get the chance.  The entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge walkway is only a short distance from Grimaldi’s.  Just beware of the bike lanes and stay on the walking path while you walk across!  Once back in Manhattan, there are a few nearby subway stops to help you get to your next destination wherever that may be.

Even though it might put a few more people in line, I definitely wanted to share one of my favorite ways to enjoy the Brooklyn waterfront.  After all, visitors should not be the only ones experiencing all that our great city has to offer!


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