A Day of Sailing and Wine Tasting on LI









I went on a day trip this past Sunday with Dynamic Outdoors.  The itinerary included a sailing outing on Long Island and a wine tasting in the North Fork region.  How could I say no?

There were four pick up locations in different areas of the city and protocol was that you would email the hosts with your preferred pick up spot.  After everyone was rounded up, the group departed for Long Island in two separate vans and headed for Oyster Bay.  Once at the bay, we set sail on the Christeen which is the oldest oyster sloop in America and a National Historic Landmark.  Everyone on board got to participate with some of the sailing tasks if they wanted to and that was a lot of fun.  The rest of the time aboard was quite relaxing as we passed amazing houses and other impressive ships along the way.  I really enjoyed the change of scenery.  After a 2 hour sailing journey we returned to the vans so we could head to our next destination, the North Fork wineries!

Macari Vineyards was our first stop, where we each enjoyed a wine tasting flight.  There was an optional chocolate tasting available although I personally did not try it.  Following the wine tasting, our group sat outside to eat lunch, relaxed with a newly purchased bottle of wine and mingled while enjoying the scenery.  After a while, our trip leaders took a vote to see who wanted to stay for one more vineyard visit or who wanted to return to the city.  Luckily, the group split up evenly enough that one van could return and the other could take those who stayed across the street to Martha Clara Vineyards.  Since this second visit was not included in the trip cost, each person was responsible for paying for any tastings they chose to do.  We were all having so much fun, that is was hard to get back in the van to return to city life.

I would definitely go on another day trip adventure with Dynamic Outdoors.  The leaders were organized but also allowed those in the group to add to the itinerary with another vineyard visit which I really appreciated.  We had a fun mix of people on this particular day so it was great to continue the activities for a little while longer.  Dynamic Outdoors hosts a variety of trips and I look forward to going with them again.

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