Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in NYC

Discovery TSX is currently hosting Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition through February 28, 2010.  It is described as the largest collection of artifacts on display.  In fact, many of the items are being shown to the public for the first time.  With the cost of admission, you get to experience the story of Titanic’s demise through artifacts, filmed footage, written descriptions and recreated set pieces.

Discovery TSX does a great job of making this an engaging experience.  You get your picture taken before receiving your “boarding pass” to enter.  Upon entry, each person receives a card detailing background information of one of Titanic’s actual passengers.  At the end of the exhibit everyone is able to look up whether or not their designated person survived.  As you make your journey through viewing the artifacts, you walk through different models built to look just like the areas that were on the actual ship- such as the infamous grand staircase.  As for the artifacts, it was fascinating to see what types of items are still in good condition (for instance champagne still in the bottle) after such a tragedy.

There are many stories to be told of the Titanic and this exhibition is a way to further delve into what happened during Titanic’s fateful voyage in 1912 while remaining safe on solid ground.  Discovery TSX is located on West 44th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.

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