King Tut Reigns in NYC

King Tut has returned to NYC!  The must-see exhibit is located at the Discovery TSX where you will get an intimate look at the marvels discovered in King Tutankhamun’s tomb.  In the 10 galleries, you journey through a marvelous display of artifacts from the time of King Tut.  Artifacts representing the royal family, historical footage of the discovery of the tomb, followed by some of the actual treasures found in the tomb are all exquisitely displayed.  I found the lighting and presentation really allowed you to closely examine each piece so that you can truly see it in all its glory.  In the final gallery, King Tut himself is on display, while the latest scientific findings about King Tut’s life and death are said to be presented for the first time.

This is a limited exhibit so be sure to see it for yourself before it ends.  Tickets appear to be on sale through January 2nd on the website.  Discovery TSX is located on West 44th Street between 7th and 8thAvenues.

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