A Taste of Italy at Da Franco

Located right off of Astoria Park at 23-92 21st Street, you will find Da Franco RestaurantDa Franco offers a few outside tables to enjoy a good weather day and also has a wide selection of gelato to cool you off from the summer heat.  Their menu is extensive but that just means there is more to try and enjoy.

To start, they brought a plate of freshly baked crostini drizzled in olive oil. It was right out of the oven and still warm so it was devoured rather quickly.  All of the pastas at Da Franco are home-made on the premises.  Being a pasta and seafood lover, I tried the Spaghetti Ai Frutti Di Mare.  It met all of my expectations.  The fresh spaghetti pasta sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and garlic in a light tomato sauce was surrounded by a plentiful portion of seafood which included mussels, calamari, clams and shrimp.  It was absolutely delicious and I will definitely order it again.

It wouldn’t be a visit to Da Franco without getting one of their brick oven pizzas.  Da Franco uses home-made mozzarella directly from his own factory in Ridgewood, NY and you can taste that freshness.  I really enjoyed the margherita pizza.  The crust was thin and was a nice balance between doughy and crispy – I thought it was just right.

The mission at Da Franco is to make everyone feel at home at their family restaurant.  I can say that I enjoyed my visits there immensely.  The friendly service and the food will keep me coming back.

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