Sailing and Wine Tasting on the Hudson

Enjoy the fall weather with a sailing excursion on the Hudson.  Manhattan By Sail offers a variety of sailing outings.  I chose to venture out on a wine tasting sail aboard the Shearwater.  This 80 year old classic schooner can hold 48 people and was a majestic vessel to set sail on.

We departed from the North Cove Marina at 6:30pm just in time to see a beautiful sunset.  There is someone that comes around to see if anyone needs anything such as water or soda throughout your time on the boat.  Already set up on the ship is a plentiful variety of cheeses.  The one thing that was a little bit challenging was maneuvering to get to the cheese platter and serving myself while on a moving sailboat.  But once I had a plateful of cheese and was back in my seat, I could relax again to enjoy the ride.  As we sailed towards the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, we were presented with tastings of 4 different wines.  The wine expert would make her way around the boat to pour each tasting.  It is fall weather now, so when it got a little colder as the evening progressed they were kind enough to pass out blankets to those that wanted them.  All in all it was a very pleasant evening and we were back at the dock close to 8:30pm.

Manhattan By Sail also offers beer tasting sails, brunches, fall foliage routes and many other sailing adventures.  It is not too late to get out there before the season ends!  Check out their website for a full listing of offerings here.

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