Learn How to Make Your Own Sushi

I love sushi so I was really excited to have an opportunity to learn how to make it.    On Tuesday nights, Satsko Restaurant (the location on 245 Eldridge St.) offers to teach you how to make your own sushi and you get to eat what you make!  This is a great deal for $25.

You are presented with a large bowl of rice at the table, a bowl of water, your own maki rolling mat, a knife and each person gets their own plate of sushi ingredients.  Each roll you make can be filled with whatever combination you would like from what you are given.  For the first roll attempt, they suggest you try making a vegetable roll to start.  I recommend that you save eating this one for last because I quickly discovered that you get full very fast and I would have much rather eaten more of the rolls made with the seafood ingredients.  So arrive hungry and you will definitely leave full.

Throughout the session, you are taught how to make a regular roll, an inside out roll, and a hand roll.  I had an even greater appreciation for the sushi making experts after trying to make these myself.  But the good news is that even if your technique is not at expert levels just yet, everything that you make will still be delicious.  It was a great deal of fun to learn and it will be entertaining to try to make rolls at home once I find the proper ingredients.  For those who like sushi as much as I do, I highly recommend checking out Satsko on a Tuesday night for their sushi making session. 

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