With a second location soon opening in Astoria, two Manhattan locations and a new Park Slope spot in the works, Bareburger continues to grow.  Since I do not eat meat, it took me a while to check the place out.  However, I have now had a couple visits to Bareburger and am happy to say that they have delicious offerings for everyone, including some for those who eat gluten free and for those who don’t eat meat.

Since I go into the category of those who do not eat meat, I was excited to try their veggie burger.  Bareburger‘s menu is such that you pick your desired burger first and then you decide which bun and toppings you would like to go with it.  I opted for the Avocado California Burger, whole grain bun, veggie burger combination.  This included fresh avocado, raw milk cheddar, tomato, lettuce, onion, and cilantro lime dressing.  We also ordered a combined french fry and onion ring basket for the table.  The fries come with a variety of dipping sauces which are sure to please everyone and they are irresistible as our basket was completely empty by the end of the meal.  The veggie burger was delicious and very filling.  This was not just a small patty on a bun.  It was hearty and went perfectly with the California Avocado option (which is their recommended match).  I might not eat meat, but I do know many Bareburger fans who rave about their Ostrich burgers and Lamb burgers.  Their original Astoria location is also completely packed most of the times I walk by so they must be doing a lot of things right.  If you have enough room after your burger, then their milk shakes are also quite good.  With real peanut butter and chocolate mixed in if you choose those flavors and with interesting options such as pistachio flavor, you cannot go wrong.

Bareburger uses organic and all natural ingredients.  Their free range meats are from animals that are pasture raised and grass fed.  They also use mainly sustainable and reclaimed material when building their restaurants.  It is great to know that when you eat there you are also supporting the environment at the same time.  The location on 31st Avenue in Astoria also has a lovely outdoor seating area that is perfect for some al fresco dining this summer.

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